what does hubspot's design system include?

code depthno data
JS library/frameworkReact
web components
testsJasmine, Enzyme, Visual Regression
CSS in JSno data
design tokensjson, theo
distributionno data
UI kitSketch
brand guidelinesno data
color paletteGo to color palette
color namingabstract (e.g. calypso)
contrast analysisno data
typographyGo to typography
iconsGo to icons
space / gridno data
illustrationGo to illustration
data visualizationGo to data visualization
animationGo to animation
voice & toneGo to voice & tone
Documentation & guidelines
accessibility guidelinesno data
design principlesGo to design principles
documentation websiteGo to documentation website
code documentationGo to code documentation
storybookno data

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